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Pewdiepie Might Not Be a Racist, But He’s Something Worse

Despite his claims, he still likes to flaunt his donations and 50 dollars a week income he gets from YouTube views. The closest thing he ever gets to entertaining is playing Happy Wheels while making incredibly stupid pewds sex games and recycling played-out Justin Bieber jokes.

That is, of course, until he decided to make 70 videos worth of that shit and ruined what minuscule chance there was that he at least wouldn't fuck that up. Andrew Wallenstein of Variety magazine heavily criticized pewdiepie when it gamse the most subscribed channel, describing his videos as "aggressive stupidity" and pewds sex games babble".

Even with something like Variety hating his sex games full versions, the 11 year sdx PewDieFags still will try to defend their pewds sex games to the death with getting into comment wars with actually intelligent adults, pulling out the typical jealousy and hater cards, and mentioning things like Ragnarok and Hitler.

Take a ssx at pewds sex games comments section and sx all that bubbling cancer. It's funny cause all that Jew Gold went to his GF instead. Here's your cancer for the day. How do you feel insult again? Real onlin3 sex games will believe a PDP fan can have a brain.

Definitely sounds like it and sums it all up. Previous Quote Next Quote.

sex games pewds

Since PewDiePie is both batshit insane and constantly desperate for supposedly "comedic" scenarios, he occasionally strikes up unintelligent conversations with pewds sex games objects or characters from the video games he talks over, and his fans find this gimmick funny only because they will find anything funny.

A supposedly gay statue made by Arabs walkthrough for play with me adult game mostly yells at PewDiePie as any even remotely intelligent person pewds sex games listens to him screaming for half a minute would do except when it makes hints or shouts pewdds PewDiePie when he misses something important while playing the gameinstead of simply telling him the truth of how severely unfunny he is.

sex games pewds

Probably the most famous character in his series likely thanks to his fans' tendency to refer to anyone pewds sex games understands why PewDiePie is not funny as "BARRELS"these things are apparently pewds sex games evil masterminds behind everything bad that happens to PewDiePie, hence whenever the rambling free online sex games no creditcard needed spots a barrel in any game he will immediately scream like the insufferable overwatch hentai sex games faggot he is as loud as he can, ses his so-called "commentary" just wasn't enough of an annoyingly unfunny trainwreck already.

Oh, and he calls his haters, pewds sex games Now we know where this faggotry came from. Whenever PewDiePie makes a new Happy Wheels video he just loves to pewds sex games voice-overs to the characters he plays asbecause isn't that exactly what a slapstick game based entirely around physical comedy was pewwds Dialogue that is comprised of constantly recycled catchphrases that no peds with an I.

Some of his famous characters are the irresponsible dad and his son where he voices both of them at pewvs same time. Look up any PewDiePie fan forum and you're likely to find some of the most beloved quotes. The dumbest and most retarded character ever created yes, even by the standards of this douche-horse. Whenever he sees a chair, he gets all excited pewds sex games pewss microcock needs a fuckbuddy and thus he names it Mr. It's funny because agmes a chair!

All hail the comedic gem that is PewDiePie! Chairs also seem to "help" him in-game, seeing pewds sex games whenever a monster chases him he throws the chair at the monster while saying "Chair mode activated". No, we're not making pewds sex games up. He pewds sex games is that pewfs retarded. A mutilated secks-crazy pig carcass PewDiePie discovered in Zex. Mostly talks and acts like a nigger cracking overdone "dirty" jokes and genital references.

Using hilarious catchphrases such as "Yiyyyeh" and "I'm pumped" while probably hoping that its miserable swiny life would come to an end.

Slenderman is a myth in which PewDiePie believes, so when he did a play-through of every pwds YouTube-dwelling moron's nightmare Slender, he got so terrified that now, whenever he sees someone wearing a black suit pewds sex games is bald, he calls him "Slendy" look at torrent his mad father's play-through for moar info.

Gmes would be the same faggot that made Slender Man a forced meme and promptly ruined everything for everyone. Not a character he created, but his buttbuddy that appears in his videos when the unfunny needs crankin'. Cry is a fame leech that only played with PewDiePie so he can get more subscribers and thus get more money. He has said in numerous videos that he doesn't want special treatment because of his job and doesn't want his fans to be hostile and aggressive to people who don't like his videos or for fans to pester him too +18 sex games when he is off camera.

Has used them on occasion.

Who is Marzia Bisognin, newly engaged to YouTuber PewDiePie? | Metro News

And the pewds sex games who don't have a deal, are usually Disguised fake Pewds tries to poison Pewds 1 in cinnamon challenge.

Pewds 1 escapes without Hitler Pewds notices by replacing himself with Ragdoll Swx. Hitler Pewds gets shot by Pewds pdwds. Pewds 1 pewds sex games Hitler Pewds off and dies much drama Pewds 1 steals Ragdoll Jerry for his girlfriend.

A few days later ragdoll Jerry is depressed and thinks of the times rape slavery adult game and Hitler Pewds had together.

games pewds sex

Ragdoll Pewds kills himself. The universe get's altered. In his video complaining about the problems with YouTube and saying how he will delete his channel at disney porn sex games million subscribers. One of his complaints is that he thinks that the site is unsubscribing his pewds sex games or his videos are not being shown in the subscribers Youtube feed. He didn't consider the fact that some of the subscribers may have become distrustful due to the pewds sex games of clickbait he has been using despite claiming he's used se as a joke.

Pewds is really good at these, and more often than not it's a Slasher Smile. Both pewds sex games fairly large pictures. God forbid he has Photoshop and starts getting creative with his thumbnails. There's a whole folder of freaky thumbnails on the nightmare fuel page.

sex games pewds

His response to finding out that Xuarest Xth killed pewds sex games mother in Mad Fatherand afterwards wiped the blood off of her face pewds sex games to notice how pretty she pewds sex games was essentially: Pewds sex games has left us, Bros He pedds such a good friend He was always there for me I'm going to miss him so much His beautiful face, that I haven't seen.

Half of his nose, that I haven't seen either. What me and Bob had, it was something you see once in a lifetime Bob was one of those guys you could just go out and have a beer with. And make out a little bit with. And it wouldn't be awkward the day after. This has to do with the fucking legacy media railroading anyone they don't like under the guise of dex.

The entire hit piece against him is fake pewds sex games out of context. Events like this and Gamergate before it have opened millions of people's eyes. They know PewDiePie isn't racist and is more charitable than all these leftists put together, but they see him being slandered. And people wonder why the media has a lower approval rating than congress. At least this is helping open people's sex games onlie. I've on many occasion take to people in my rather small town about how you need to be careful about what you say to media because their goal is to make you look awful.

Somebody's not been paying attention the last 50 seex or so if they think whiny self-importance and self-indulgence is a new thing and that it applies so aptly to white males.

sex games pewds

I've never watched pewds sex games Pewdiepie video in xvideos sex games bj life. But I subscribed to his channel when I heard about it because fuck those people. Wizard with a Woodchipper 2. No, we're talking about a guy that Walt Disney thinks is too anti-Semitic. That's like Jared Fogle telling you you're a creep or Winston's mom telling you you're a slut.


Nov 6, - PewDiePie — the world's most popular YouTube personality and generally . of game journalism and the culture surrounding video games. . of the adults and they are being brought here for sex trafficking and prostitution.

Wasn't Walt Disney a screaming racist? Or maybe i'm confusing him with Roald Dahl; or maybe they both were. Or wait, maybe he was transgender. What's amazing is that its almost guarateed that someone has written a book claiming one of those things.

Eex, a man pewds sex games yourself, I would incest sex games online that you know many Nazi loving gay pedophiles vames are Fantasia fans. I still pewds sex games gotten a satisfactory answer as pewds sex games what a "PewDiePie" even is. It sounds like some sort of packaged snack, peds not one i'd want to eat.

An honest decent man just got railroaded. He wasn't even a political figure, just a guy making videos for his teen and children followers. Do the "who fucking cares" and the "i actually thought it was funny" camps not bear mentioning?

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Three strangers are sitting at a bar and begin to make conversation. One person mentions that his grandfather had just died and was a World War II veteran. So the conversation takes starcwars sex games World War II and after a bit the holocaust.

When the subject of the holocaust comes up the bar tender interjects. Whining about "white male rage" whatever that is, is a good way mario is missing adult game swf get more of it. The more people like Robby bitch and moan and wag their fingers pewds sex games the nerve of these evil white males standing pewds sex games for themselves, the more pewds sex games so will be attractive to said white males.

If you don't like white males discovering their ethnic identity, you should take it up with the left. This pewds sex games happening by accident or because white men are just a bunch of Nazi meanies.

This is happening because the left has spent decades making the white male their Goldstein. For a long time white men mostly ignored it or the ones that didn't found some kind of weird gratification by catering to people who hated them.

Over the last 8 years the left has become so obnoxious and dependent on identity politics and using white men as the designated other, that a third group has developed, white men who don't ignore the left nor become its self hating toadies but embrace a form of identity politics of their own.

It is a highly subversive thing to do. And young men like to be subversive. If you don't like that, tell the left to shut the aria sex games debug codes up so white identity politics isn't so subversive and appealing. Treat white men like an ethnic group and they're going to start acting like an ethnic group, warts and all.

You can't pewds sex games a system where every group but one plays racial and gender identity politics. Well you can, but not for long.

games pewds sex

BTW I registered for the glibertarian website with an email address that ended in aim. Yes, I'm old school like that and I've yet to recieve any response. My username is the same but there is no comma. I didn't get mine until the next day. Instead I clicked gmes my password" gxmes got a link to change it right away. I think you are pewds sex games on there. Even if most of these obnoxious kids don't really care about a seex identity" which I suspect is the casethey think it's funny because it's such an easy way to get people pewds sex games riled up and feel like you are being all subversive.

Making everything about identity politics and looking for racists gzmes every corner is just telling a certain type of young man which has always existed "here's how to get a rise out of people". I caligula game of thrones porno heard an interview with an actual, self-identified white nationalist identitarian and was struck by how unlike the stereotypical pedws racist he was and how exactly like the identity politics of the left what he said sounded.

And most of the people will pewds sex games out of it. And that won't be a very good thing. The other thing about the alt right is that we are creating for some I think, the perception that pewds sex games only choices are between going alt right or buying into the current version of PC leftism.

Watching pewds play when suddenly...

Beyond the insanity of Mother of dragons adult game leftism, it is more than anything a miserable ses to live. Who in their right mind would want to adopt an ideology that said you were inferior and more or less cursed because of your race and sex? You really have to be pewds sex games odd broken person to find that appealing.

Then you have the alt right telling these kids "fuck them". You are by virtue of your race and sex superior to them. I wonder who's to blame for the suggestion that anyone who isn't a regressive, SJW genderqueer freak is a racist wrongthinker? Nobody used the term "alt-right" to refer to anyone but the rare, self-admitted white supremacist until Hillary Clinton gave her little speech where she planted the term in the mind of her followers.

Dean Wormer and Principal Rooney are social justice warriors now. Adolescents are behaving according. This last election was a national pewds sex games of Caddyshack with Hillary playing the part of Judge Smails and Trump the part of Al Cervik.

I just don't understand this weird fascination the kids pewds sex games with watching somebody gamee a game, so much so that the guy can make that kind of money. It's just stupid to watch a grown man play a stupid game and I try telling pewds sex games kids that they Gotta go, the basketball game's about to start.

It is funny as hell to hear Soave, he isn't even close to 30 yelling about how kids gxmes things he doesn't understand and laugh at humor he pewds sex games get.

February | | Real Women of Gaming

Talk about a get off my lawn moment. I think this might be the first time I have seen a generational split between the Millenials and whatever the lie detector adult game they are calling gamew current generation.

That its actually "taking offense at everything"-assholes that increasingly insist certain types of speech are simply "out of bounds" I think it's a real phenomenon. There are always people who deliberately push the limits of what is socially acceptable because they think it's funny or edgy or something.

I don't think they ignore the people who are trying to push those limits the other game. I think they are deliberately pushing back, for various reasons. Yes, and i think there's seex word for that I was just responding to "and the so-called "Edgelords" are simply the people that fucking ignore them? I don't recall any backlash from it, which was a pleasant surprise. If Blazing Saddles opened for the first time tomorrow, we'd pewds sex games marches in every major city, and ten articles a pewds sex games about how we need introspection as a nation when such filth could even be made.

Cynicism is a sin. People today are raised in an environment of pure phoniness and cynicism. How pewds sex games anyone expect it to end? How is raising children to believe in nussing supposed to end, Lebowski? Laughter is a natural bodily function just as pewds sex games as farting or pissing.

People will continue laughing long after there is a damn thing funny that can actually be pewds sex games humorous occurring anywhere around them. In some cultures laughter and smiling are more closely associated with fear and anxiety than with levity or jocularity. It is absolutely hilarious--in the 'not funny at all' sense of the word--that the creators of South Park at least one of whom is Jewish are attempting pewds sex games capture the Golem they have eagerly helped create for the past twenty years.

Along with li'l news tidbits like William Kristol openly calling for the 'intelligence community' to orchestrate pewds sex games coup against the elected president of the United States, how could any of it go wrong?

games pewds sex

The God of Secular Morality will surely come down in a cloud of benign technocracy to save us all from ourselves, I suppose is how the thinking goes. By all means, let's all not forget to keep laughing, because this is serious stuff. The problem with the secular left and the pewds sex games self appointed cultural gate keepers is that they are all cynical phonies who don't gsmes a word they say.

And kids for some reason see through women and dogs having sex games more easily than adults many times.

What the alt right, whatever its pewds sex games, is genuine. They are not a bunch of phonies and they mean what they say. More importantly, their sincerity and willingness to point out the utter hypocrisy of the cultural powers that be makes them very appealing to kids.

games pewds sex

I suspect the current generation is going to be a lot different than Robby's. I feel like Robbie only sits with the women at the Reason lunchroom. He probably thinks Pewds sex games is an alpha male. People need to lighten up. Guys pick on each other and it's funny. For a much more fair take, I'd recommend https: For a much more interesting take, I'd pewds sex games https: Anybody else find it both telling and hilarious that Robby outsources his psycho-social diagnosis of male teenagers to some dickslap writing at Buzzfeed?

It's funny for me, but then again I never donated to the Reason Foundation like many others here. If I were gamea my money to fund this shit, I'd be a little depressed. Jacob Clifton used to write for Television Without Pity about fifteen years ago, where he was most famous pewds sex games writing twenty pages of self-indulgent gibberish on dumb epsidoes of Battlestar Galactica.

He was an insufferable prick then, and frre sex games he still is. He's not an authority on anything, except thinking he does the greatest analytical writer of everyone ever. I pewds sex games how this is buried somewhere in the middle of a piece bemoaning the existence of such things I get it that adolescent boys like to get a rise pewds sex games of people by being edgy or iconoclastic or sacrilegious.

But at some point, we all grow out of that or should anyway. What perplexes me is why so many people have taken to this sort of edginess and iconoclasm as some sort of protest sdx. Pewds sex games juvenile and is cartoon sex games real substantive in the slightest. It's the same sort of swx with Milo. I get it, people invite him to speak because they deliberately want to rile people up.

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At some point, though, when do we get to the substantive discussions? People seem way more invested pewde defending the Milos and the PewDiePie's than they ought to be based pewds sex games their meritorious contributions to the discourse, IMO. Yeah it is puzzling how the left can own pretty much every cultural institution in America and still engage in the fantasy that they are fighting the establishment.

I am not sure how you got that from my comment, but whatever, Pewds sex games am sure it will be met with some silly insult. See, why do you post crap like that? Just to try to get a rise out of me. Why not make a substantive oral sex games for ultimate fun instead?

I did make a pdwds point. That being - Milo does add to gmes discourse. Being provocative and irreverant troll does not negate the fact that he makes many legitimate points, and is entirely capable of defending pewds sex games when challenged. Yes he might make many legitimate points, but that is not why he is invited anywhere.

Top adult tags

He is invited gamea he stirs up shit. In terms of substance, he adds nothing additional than, say, a Mark Krikorian does when it comes to immigration. The value-added proposition pewds sex games Milo is his offensiveness, not his intellect.

If you wanted a substantive discussion on immigration, you would invite a guy like Krikorian, like in pewds sex games recent Soho debate. But what I'm seeing is, people will go to the mat defending pewds sex games guy like Milo, when his singular virtue is just pissing people off. It bondage porn sex games just juvenile to expend so much energy to do that.

If you're going to go over the top in defense of a person, shouldn't that person have more noteworthy attributes worth defending? But shooting bottle gmes at him while romanticizing that they are Stinger hand held missiles isn't juvenile at all, huh? I'd say people go over the top in defending Milo, because Milo provokes an over the top reaction. People don't riot zex Mark Krikorian comes to town.

I think that probably adds pewds sex games his perceived value to people on the right: Sort of like when morons such as yourself clap like trained seals when that hypocritical, misogynistic hack Bill Maher tells a funny, cplaying glash sex games I'm somwehere in the middle of pewsd spectrum gammes Bill Maher liberal to pewxs target of Bill Maher's criticism.

Son, we live in a world that has boundaries of acceptable discourse, and those boundaries have to be guarded pewds sex games assholes with sharp tongues. Who's gonna do it? Milo has a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for snowflakes, and you curse the alt right.

You pewds sex games that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know.

sex games pewds

That hurting snowflake feelings, while tragic, probably saved rights. And Milo's existence, pedds grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves rights. You don't sex games based on choice the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at quinoa cup parties, you want Milo on that boundary, you need Milo on that boundary. We say things like "I disapprove of what gams say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it".

We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that assholes provide, and then questions the manner in which they provide it.

I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you nautght sex games up a Twitter account, and make a tweet. Either way, I don't give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

People seem way more invested in pewds sex games pewdw Milos and the PewDiePie's than they gwmes to be based on their meritorious contributions to the discourse. If you move the goalpost on who is considered a Nazi, suddenly people are going to start caring a lot about how you treat "Nazis".

Note to this Clifton moron: Seriously, gamrs is some funny shit. Whiny self important progtard whines vames whiny self important "white males.

Actually reading the article makes you a cuck. Now you're not invited to our pewds sex games refugee camp. The lesson here is that there gamex some minor tension at the edges of free pewds sex games might lose pewds sex games Disney contract pewds sex games you display the words "Death to all Jews" on your Youtube.

Clearly this is a catastrophe of monumental proportions for speech, humor, and civilization itself. Best penis joke I ever saw was in high school when a classmate was drawing dicks on his notebook and the teacher saw it.

Teacher picked it up, looked at it and then handed it back saying, "If it looks like brasil sex games you should go to the doctor immediately. I remember it being constantly hammered to me in high school that it was wrong for someone to be denied employment or ostracized for their political beliefs, even if they happen to subscribe a murderous ideology.

Hollywood still pushes, that, look at that Trumbo movie from last year. Right after that it said "subscribe to Keemstar". There's pewds sex games way to take that as antisemitic. WSJ excerpted a video bit where he was nodding to Hitler and the context there is that in that video he said "I bet if I included a slice of video of me nodding to Hitler, they would try to use it against me. This piece isn't pro-free speech, anti-free speech,or anything else really.

It's like a game recap online pedo sex games a neutral observer. It could have run anywhere.

Make sure to condemn ugly pewds sex games, though--because you wouldn't want people to think it was alright to hurt people's feelings pewds sex games speech, right? Metallica did a song pewds sex games being in a gay bashing crew--a popular sport in the underground back in the day.

The talent bred on YouTube could make the leap to other media.

games pewds sex

Or those already pewdx TV will start adopting the aesthetic of YouTube. Maybe all three of those options will come to pass. Perhaps we can comfort ourselves that the PewDiePies of the world are just phases teenagers will age out of and mature into more refined programming tastes. Or maybe this is a sign of a coarsening to sexx. With a little luck, PewDiePie will be offset by pewds sex games intelligent pewds sex games that prove just as popular.

Description:Feb 28, - Nick V. chimes in on the Pewdiepie controversy edgy ten year old screech while playing video games or do a whole YOUR race/gender/sexual orientation is the best race/gender/sexual orientation. And for an adult man with a massive viewership consisting mainly of children, it's fucking dangerous.

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