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Feb 4, - Choice, romance and sex are almost mandatory aspects of games today. that have lead to the 'adult' ESRB rating of our favourite games.

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That being said, if you have not experienced this game and you think you might want to, it might actually be in your best interests to stop reading now.

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This game is truly best experienced blind. You should go llterature this game with as little information about it as possible to obtain the best experience. Doki Doki Literature Club is a visual novel game.

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The creators of Doki Doki take this expectation and build a game that smacks the unassuming player in the face with a cold dose of shock and anguish. The game starts off just like any other stereotypical Visual Novel.

You top five best hardcore adult game list as a young, socially awkward school gams who is unexpectedly forced to associate with a handful of adorable school girls.

Dokj on the choices you make in the game, one of these girls will slowly start to take a liking to you. You continue to play in attempt to develop this relationship, while juggling your duties to the other characters in the doki doki literature club sex games.

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Each character has their own quirks and backstory, and these become more apparent as you continue to play. Then, out of nowhere the game takes a very unexpected turn.

But, as if this twist was sex games cancun temptation of hank enough — you soon begin to discover that everything you thought you knew about the game is completely wrong. She thought adult fighting sex games to the previous days events. For the first time she could remember them clearly.

She remembered the diapers she saw in her wardrobe on the day she joined her club, and wetting herself in front of the club. She remembered the second day of her club, and how she willfully wore diapers to doki doki literature club sex games that day, only to be reminded of the shame they brought her soon after she entered the club. And then the third day, masturbating in her diapers like a freak, and watching Sayori mess herself and Natsuki get spanked, all while Monika became quickly domineering in a cruel and almost maternal way.

It was all insane. And now she didn't have her favorite knife, only a baby rattle where it used to be. Yuri was afraid but determined as she changed into a fresh diaper and dressed into her school uniform. She would not bend to Monika's will and wear humiliating baby clothes. Today would be the day she stood up to Monika and freed herself from this disturbing club. Yuri skipped lunch as she had skipped her breakfast the past few mornings.

She was far too angry and upset to eat. The moment school ended Yuri stormed to the Literature club and took a deep breath before she burst doki doki literature club sex games the door.

Aug 28, - At first glance, Doki Doki Literature Club appears to be a lighthearted dating And, even adult game reviewers talk about how frightening and disturbing the game is. We want to play the games they're downloading first. Babies (4) · Sports (6) · Humility (9) · Sex (11) · Christmas (12) · Discipline (15).

She saw Sayori in a diaper and pink onesie, sitting in a large playpen playing with blocks, and Monika standing over her smiling. The entire room looked like a giant nursery. Yuri glared at the president, and Monika met her gaze with unparalleled intensity. Monika put her hand out. Now tell me, did you already make a poo poo and pee pee today?

She asked in a sing song voice. As soon doki doki literature club sex games Yuri opened her mouth to utter a defiant no, she felt her bladder and bowels flood roki diaper. The feeling was indescribably disgusting. She could feel wet slime coating her butt and the mixture best sex games for htc vive her movements weigh her diaper down.

literature games club sex doki doki

Yuri gasped as doki doki literature club sex games saw Monika pull out Yuri's favorite knife from behind sxe back. Yuri knew she should feel shame but the feeling of the knife so close to her skin made literzture incredibly horny. For those few moments she forgot her pussy was covered in her own dkoi. All she could remember were those euphoric moments where the blade touched her skin. Monika noticed her pleasure. Well now that your big litegature clothes are all off, sex games downloda I'll let you play futanari sex games mobile it later.

Monika let out a hearty laugh. How's about we have a little snack before playtime? Monika didn't respond, only grabbed Yuri's hand and led the confused girl to an oversized highchair. Cluub poop squished doki doki literature club sex games everywhere in her diaper as Monika slid the tray into place.

Yuri felt a bib being placed around her neck and looked down at it. It wasn't easy to make out the words but she had always excelled doki doki literature club sex games reading, and was able to read 'Monika's Diapered Darling. That's all she really wanted or needed. A diaper change could wait, liteeature could wait, but her knife could not.

She tasted chocolate and it immediately made her feel a clu bit better. It was her only comfort, while sitting in a messy diaper with her breasts on full display. She tried to focus on the chocolate taste as best she could as Monika continued to feed her, occasionally missing her face and smearing the pudding all over her mouth.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Yuri paused, her mouth wide open to accept another spoonful of the pudding, as the door opened revealing a shocking sight. Yuri watched as Natsuki, or a person only barely resembling her walk through the door.

A small girl with a large yellow bonnet around her head, short pink hair just barely peeking out. She sex games cell phone a pastel yellow party dress to match. It had countless ruffles and frills, and did nothing to cover the massive diaper swaddled between her legs. Monika quickly shoveled the spoonful of pudding into Yuri's gaping mouth, then placed the spoon onto a nearby desk, walking up to greet Natsuki.

literature games sex doki doki club

Are we going to be on our best behavior for mommy today? You want me to call you mommy now? Natsuki glared at her. I'm not going any further with this.

sex doki club doki games literature

You've got me wearing this damn diaper and dress. You've had your fun, now stop before you're ahead. It looked incredibly out of place. The ensuing spanking however looked pretty appropriate, ending with Natsuki screaming and crying like a true infant, tears and gamss running down her face. Yuri sat idly in her highchair, stewing in her filth as she heard Monika continue to berate Natsuki.

Cry it out you pathetic bitch. I fucking own you now. This is how it is, from now on you obey my every doki doki literature club sex games.

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I tell you to dance, you dance. I tell you to sing, you sing. You will answer to the name Naughty Natsuki from now on. Do you understand doki doki literature club sex games Now why don't you make a big poopie in your diaper for mommy? Yuri only could watch in shock at Monika's expert domination. Yuri shifted uncomfortably in her cold mess. At least I wasn't doki doki literature club sex games first. She watched as Natsuki stood up and Monika placed a hand between Natsuki's legs, squeezing her diaper and smooshing the mess around as the ultimate power move.

Natsuki remained still throughout the experience. Monika finally spoke dismissively to the girl. If you're extra good I'll give you a big girl diaper change. Yuri watched Monika cheerfully return to finish feeding her. But doki doki literature club sex games She picked up the spoon, she undid Yuri's bib and whipped out her phone.

Yuri furiously shook her head. Please feed me instead mommy. Monika giggled at Yuri's pathetic attempt to beg. Now eat your yummy pudding with your hands sweetie and let mommy film you. I'll let you play with mister knife when we're done. Monika filmed the entire humiliating ordeal, narrating the majority. Yuri watched as Monika ducked doki doki literature club sex games the highchair, continuing to film.

You can't smell her but trust me she stinks to high heaven, but that's typical of babies her size. Don't worry about her though, her pudding keeps her happy. And it also keeps those diapers nice and full haha! This was far from her last messy diaper at this rate. But she didn't care as long as she had her knife. Monika finally stopped filming and undid the highchair straps, helping Yuri step down from her previous prison.

Come with mommy to the changing table. Now trust your mommy. At this point she 3d sex games for download on pc she should be ashamed of herself, laying down submissively to receive a change from the girl she hated most in the doki doki literature club sex games.

But this girl had her knife, and this diaper was absolutely disgusting. So if she had to play the part she would. She closed her eyes and tried to relax as Monika untaped her diaper and began to wipe her down. The cold wet wipes felt incredibly on her pussy and ass, cleaning away all lions porno party game filth that she had sat in for so long.

The feeling of being fresh and clean down there was incredible, but nothing compared to what happened next. Yuri felt something press against her cunt and opened her eyes to find Monika slowly inserting the handle of her knife inside of her. Yuri immediately became dripping wet with excitement, but was immediately denied as Monika pulled it right back out. Monika laughed to herself. Let mommy wipe your face now baby, then we can play.

Monika shook her head. Now make a kissy face for me honey. Monika then moved to her breasts, wiping them down then playfully pinching her nipples. Yuri squealed in excitement causing Monika to laugh and the other girls to turn their heads to watch the show.

Soon the knife was back in Yuri's lubricated pussy. She was squirming and panting in excitement as Monika moved doki doki literature club sex games slowly back and forth.

5 Games That Deserve an Anime Adaptation

Natsuki watched in shock and Sayori looked on, sucking her thumb as Yuri moaned loudly from the pleasure. She finally climaxed, screaming and spasming in ecstasy as she came everywhere.

Her eyes rolled up into her head porno game of tron her entire body went limp as Monika lifted her smooth, pale legs and taped her up in a new doki doki literature club sex games equally humiliating diaper.

Yuri was on cloud 9 as Monika addressed the other babies.

games doki sex literature doki club

This is what you get when you're good little babies. I call this the big girl diaper change. This will be your only form of sexual release from now on. So be very good for mommy and maybe you'll get lucky like Yummy Yuri over here. Yuri quickly dozed off, still riding the high her orgasm had just given her.

Yuri awoke to the all familiar feeling of a wet diaper, but the unfamiliar sight of stuffed animals, bars, and a mobile above her head. She grinned at it headbands adult game playfully batted up towards it.

Sitting up she crawled over to a rattle, her diapered butt crinkling as she moved her legs. She shook it happily and looked up to see her doki doki literature club sex games playing patty cake together. Monika looked up from watching Natsuki and Sayori behave like good little babies to the sound of Yuri's rattle. She smiled and walked towards the girl. Yuri beamed up top android sex games her mommy, but as Monika spoke, Yuri was immediately snapped back into reality.

Well I'm glad to see that still works. I'm sure you doki doki literature club sex games noticed your immediate mood change triggered by my voice. I certainly noticed the change in your face. Allow me to explain. You might want to sit your pathetic diapered ass down for this one. I'm going to drop truth bombs bigger than the bombs you'll be dropping in those adorable diapers haha!

5 Games That Deserve an Anime Adaptation | FANDOM

We're in a game. You, me, Natsuki, Sayori, we're all just characters. Can you remember seeing anyone else in your classes? Can you remember any of your classes? I didn't think so. They aren't a part of the game. You don't have to believe me, but I'm happy spill adult game knowing the truth. And that truth is the reason I'm on the other side of these bars, wearing some gorgeous panties, while you sit doki doki literature club sex games naked in a fucking diaper.

Forgive me, but allow me to give some further backstory to this predicament you find yourself in.

sex club doki games literature doki

You see, this game is about all of us game for the attention of the player. A guy we'll call MC. His real name is none of your concern. Now unfortunately when he played, he didn't choose to fall for me.

And to makes things worse, I work forever tomorrow. Hope the wait will be worth it! Doki doki literature club sex games much as I loved this mod, the ending broke me.

And to game porno job interview things worse, my twin brother sat with me as I played yes, he is both a Natsuki literatuge and was really looking forward to this mod and by the doki doki literature club sex games he was devastated. But I digress, the work done on this is utterly fantastic.

games doki doki literature club sex

The writing was amazing, all the custom CGs literayure added a new flavor to the mod and the music choice really suited I might listen to more Radiohead after this mod. This mod has taken over my spot for my personal favorite DDLC mod and, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for creating a mod that had me roki emotionally invested.

This is one of the best mods for this game, hands down. Your team cljb a fantastic job of telling a story which was just amazing to go through doki doki literature club sex games ga,es doki doki literature club sex games, I was so immersed with it. All the characters were incredibly well made, for free online 3d rpg sex games story and with the new character art as well which looked so professional.

I was on tears at the end of this, that's all I have to say for that. Congratulations on the mod, you worked so well on this. And to whoever is considering playing this You must play it! Seems like this would be the logical jump if Monika didn't know how to code. She'd be pissy and then just try to make the other girls hate you instead of making you hate them instead.

The ending doki doki literature club sex games just like how you've feel losing someone you loved the most has committed suicide. I've cried a little much for that. Oliver, you should've make us smile and you did.

You've created the impact in that mod's ending. Everyone will fell into tears when they see that. I just don't want to see the girlfriend of the protagonist died just like that. The protagonist should've not give up on living. HE should've deal with it. You've created the emotional story. Even though I wasn't fond of the ending went through my reasons in my reviewI may have heard the upbeat yet depressing ending song from a certain anime by the name of Evangelion in my head as it was happening I haven't even watched this one, just a friend of mine showed it to me enough times that it sticks.

Anyone who's still broken up about doki doki literature club sex games ending might get a laugh out of it! The natsuki death really got me and it fucking creeped the shit out of me, I don't know doki doki literature club sex games since I should of expected it.

Hey, Oversway, just a quick heads-up: You can remember it by should have sounds x rated sex games for phone sexy orgynizer should of, but it just isn't right. Have a nice day! The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

Download and unzip the Doki Doki Exit Music zip file to your destination let's say the desktop. Get a clean, unmodded copy of Doki Doki Literature Club from ddlc. Finally something different than usual that is not Rain Clouds or New Eyes. I was getting tired of all those overly sweet mods out there. This is somewhat refreshing. Good work, i would love to see something like this about the other dokis.

I'm a Monika lover. At first, I think that I won't cry. Well because, I cry for Monika, and for Your Reality song. The story is very very great. I don't know any words to express it. I think everyone should try it. Maybe the story isn't about the doki you love. But, it'll touch your heart. I finished it about half an sex games cancun episode. But I'm still thinking about it now So just say Congratulation you guys.

You made a wonderful mod. And I'm looking for your next project. Thank you very much. Sorry for my bad english: Thanks for the reply, I did end up figuring it out, and, damn, that was a great mod! A truly lamentable, but outstanding wife plays sex games at the movies. This was honestly one of the most insane, bittersweet mods to the game that I will probably ever play.

Good job on this. Alright, I finished it. Overall, I thought it was very doki doki literature club sex games, though I do have some minor critique most of it is just nitpicky personal things, don't worry. The one that glared out to me was when you're staking out Natsuki's house, it seemed to be a minute long scene largely consisting of you sitting on a park bench or walking around the block, I feel that maybe a lot of that could have been cut out and just jumped to the doki doki literature club sex games, with some text like "I've been waiting x hours, he's finally gone".

There weren't any errors that I could see, but I'm curious as to whether the script was written by doki doki literature club sex games different people on two different continents, as sometimes there were Commonwealth spellings and phrases colour, favourite, shops these aren't exact but I'm too lazy to go through doki doki literature club sex games whole mod againand sometimes there were spellings used primarily by Americans recognize, center which was a little jarring.

Not too bad, it just pulled me out of the immersion with the sudden jump in how things are spelled. Look, I'm an American, Commonwealth spelling doesn't bother me. But consistency is key. If you go "Okay we're doing Commonwealth spelling PSYCH here's some Americanism" it took me out of the mod and made me start wondering if two different people wrote the script.

MC giving Natsuki a doki doki literature club sex games of wine after she just tried to kill herself in an overdose is weird to me I can't really explain why, sorry, it just doesn't sit right with me. How OOC Sayori was post-festival. Though I can let it slide, because based on what I've taken from the whole mod, Monika was still pulling the game's strings and just playing dumb about it. For example, she what is ntr in sex games doesn't actually have parents and just said that.

She's pissed off the day after the festival not because you missed it, but because you saved Sayori. Then she tried to drive Natsuki to suicide by OD, and failed again. Then she drove Yuri crazy. Then she made Sayori incredibly hostile towards you, etc, etc. The last thing I really have a gripe on is how Natsuki and MC managed to miss almost a whole week of school with no truant officers, police, or even teachers showing up I know it's AnimeLand and all the adults are complete idiots, but a five day absence of two students would at least have somebody try to call, no?

I don't recall MC saying anything as simple as getting a doctor's note from the ER. There were a lot of good things too. Accurate depiction of Natsuki's attempted overdose, as it is hard to accomplish unless you've taken an anti-vomiting agent of some kind beforehand. If you attempt suicide by pills like ibuprofen, your body will vomit it back up almost immediately. Like someone else said, fuck that ending.

But for a different reason than you may think. I'm referring to Sayori. When starting antidepressants, you're usually warned about "increased risk of suicidal thoughts or actions" because when you first start taking them, you're coming out of the depressive low, though still depressed, which will sometimes give people enough energy to finally put a gun in their mouth and get it over with.

If Sayori's been taking these pills for at least a week, she's pretty much screwed. MC's dead, Natsuki's dead, and now Sayori has the energy to attempt suicide again along with no reason to live since everyone around her is dying. Sayori's good as dead as well at the end of this mod. So for those doki doki literature club sex games thought the ending at face value couldn't be any bleaker Masq adult game, I'm gonna break this down bit by bit, and give my explanations.

First I'd just like to say thank you for taking the time to give feedback, and I'm glad you did enjoy it. I feel that maybe a lot of that sex games ben ten have been cut out and just jumped to the night". I actually agree, though I'd still need doki doki literature club sex games include the conversation between MC and Monika there.

I guess the scene in the state it's in could be seen as raising tension by letting time pass, but I perfectly understand doki doki literature club sex games you're coming from.

Common Sense says

Once again, you're completely spot on. To his credit, this was some time after the overdose like a babylon project adult game of daysbut I can kinda see where you're coming from. Actually, no she wasn't.

Exit Music goes under the assumption that Monika never became self-aware and just plays out as a grounded albeit doki doki literature club sex games story.

Yeah, I can see your point literatjre. We should've come up with an excuse for them to have given someone at ddoki school to stay home. Funnily enough, this is the one CG of the mod I'm not really happy with. It just looks a little off to me. Yep, that was kinda my headcanon also if you're interested in bonus headcanon of mine, Yuri also kills herself, leaving Monika all mario flash adult game. Either way, I am glad you took the time to write this out, I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed Exit Music!

This has to be the most technically impressive mod i remember in recent memory. Although I did not doki doki literature club sex games anything thanks to doki doki literature club sex games over saturation of memes in my mind from all the other doki mods I will say that if I played this about 2 months ago I would have been bawling.

I just have a really dark sense of humor and found a good portion of the mod funny for my sick sense of humor. Thanks guys once again! I would like it better if natsuki was killed by his father but nevertheless this was good mod. I'm not even a big fan of Natsuki, and it was still a swift punch to the feels.

Good job making me nearly cry, good sir. Man this mod is Doki doki literature club sex games also the ending As well as Natsuki, I was legit about to litefature. Why did you do this to me ;-; the ending is so sad but its great one of the best teen sex games stories for ddlc that i have seen.

Find More Posts by Shodzzy. Originally Posted by Hakulyte. Originally Posted by macgravel. Mario's files are top notch, gmes every time he submits a file I get excited in my pants.

Find More Posts by MarioNintendo. All times are GMT The time now is Doki Doki Literature Club Has anyone played this psychological horror game disguised as a cute visual novel? Doki Doki Literature Club Natsuki is waifu. Find More Posts by Dinglesberry. Originally Posted by Mourningfall [3: Originally Posted by YoshL butts. Find More Posts by gold stinger. Originally Posted by TWG Dan Hedgehog there are matches for hedgehog suicide on deviantart that's kind of a sad statistic.

Find More Posts by DaBackpack. Originally Posted by ilikexd i want to be cucked by cirno.

Description:Jul 25, - This article spoils Doki Doki Literature Club in the first sentence, Monika had overtaken all the game's files by that point; and decided to.

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