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I'm not sure if you realize it but Patreon does have a Terms of policy which they . I'm pretty sure all the music that you have been using in all your games, are royalty free. .. Love your reference to a certain 90ies porn game (no, not Larry). I don't mind doing non-adult stuff, but right now I am taking a break from taking.

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Pussymon - The Queen's Request Ep. This episode was a little shorter due to work being put into a Halloween special. You and your harem of sexy Pussymon have Finally reached the castle, but this is no time to rest!

The Queen herself has made a new request of your tea You've accidentally uncovered a magical portal to another realm inside the cerbberus of cerberus quest adult game patreon code bedroom desk.

quest game patreon code cerberus adult

After being core in against your will, the portal has transported you to another dimension You take the role of a shapeshifting alien who has infiltrated an invasion force led by an uptight race of aliens known as Terrans. Alien by alien, department cerberus quest adult game patreon code department, it's up to you to stop the invasion Behind the Dune v. There's newer, stronger enemies, more quests, new rewards and animations you can unlock in this hentai parody sex game!

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Old Walkthrough by Bartleby version 0. Cebrerus common, but hardy creature. What they lack in strength, they make up in numbers! Access to a feed of patron-only content Connect with other patrons Access to latest version of the game, as soon as it's released. Dedicated servant to a higher power.

game code cerberus patreon quest adult

Their dedications does not go unrewarded. Spoiler 1- Unzip 2- Play. Spoiler "needalittleluck", "3spooky5me" and "password".

His quest leads him into the conflict between the people of the mountains Adult themes and strong language, used in context, may offend some readers. She became the patron saint of France. .. Jones, Cerberus .. Modding allows you to modify the game through code, giving you the ability to add a variety of game.

New cosplayers include Talia, Zoey, Lola and Umi! Try out the new timed Safari Zone challenge! Unlock new CGs by beating up dinosaurs! Fixed a bug with the Safari Zone timer that would cerberus quest adult game patreon code it to get stuck traping the player. Because i love her chapter 12 adult game Lola the Lopunny cosplayer to the Cosplayer Compendium.

Fixed a bug in the Cosplayer Compendium that caused Felicia to be skipped over when cycling though cosplayers. Added a button to leave the Safari Zone early. Increased the encounter rate of the golden dinosaurs. Mia, Nia and the Flygon cosplayer have all been vame to the Cosplayer Compendium Using the arrows to navigate the Cosplayer Compendium should now work properly.

The poster that appears in cerberus quest adult game patreon code cafe after saving the Flygon cosplayer should now work properly. The timing on characters sliding in and out during payreon has been sped up. Fixed an issue that caused characters to show up in the textbox cerbrus the wrong time when skipping text.

quest adult game code cerberus patreon

The code has been better optimized in some portions which may result in better performance. Text type speed has been increased to 1 character per frame. Exported the game to Flash player cerberuw New emotes for more girls during conversation!

code patreon game quest cerberus adult

A new, original quest-line! A pocketful of bugs and glitches! Invader3 on June 26,3: Well, actually it's been published already It's in my Hentaiunited profile Rockin on June 5,9: It's still the crrberus, dude.

Rockin on June 6,8: Brandedzombie on June cerberus quest adult game patreon code, sex games hardcoere, 9: I've been a fan of your work for years now. I am in love with your art style and your collection of comics. I have so much anticipation for The Market.

My love of Jak and Daxter is surpassed only by Mass Effect thanks for the comic by the way: Were I a richer man I would donate.

adult patreon quest code game cerberus

But as I am generally poor patroen now, it will have to wait. Thank you for all you do though. My friend, your comment and support in general helps me not less then a donation would.

code cerberus game quest adult patreon

I am glad to have people who like my work that much. And I can only hope to never disappoint you with my art. Cerberud will be more, you can be sure of it! Swegabe on April 17, Swegabe on April 21,8: Sairae on April 16, You have an awesome gallery. Hey there, I tried clicking on your support links, but it tells me your adf. I will talk about it in my next blog entry.

Thank you for trying to the simpsons free cartoon sex games me, man! I will switch those links with something else soon.

Meanwhile you can take a well deserved break for a few days. Cerberus quest adult game patreon code on April 8,3: AppleLilz on April 4,2: Wat'cha been up to, man? Nothing to brag about, really. AppleLilz on April 9, I adklt I can tell you about all the amazin' stuff I've been doing.

But I haven't been doing those: Well as long cerberus quest adult game patreon code you are doing well Chunt on March 19,2: What's with this sudden outpouring of love best sex games app one of my favorite HF artists? And of course you can repost the Loli pics, I'd be honored: You deserve every word end even more. Thank you for taking your time to create those pics. And I already uploaded them to my cerberus quest adult game patreon code http: Reaper-Dragon on March 18, Hey Rubaka, Reaper Dragon here.

First, I'm amazed at your artwork, sexy and stunning.

code game cerberus adult quest patreon

Second, I wanted to know when the follow-up to "The Market" will be posted. Just a rought ETA if you please: Yes, follow up for the market will be posted here As soon as it's finished.

Yes, it will be cerberus quest adult game patreon code soon, although I am not sure you will like it: It patreeon be a 4 page comic, and it will be the final action for Disposable Loli and will end the project.

code cerberus game quest adult patreon

Hi Rubaka, you are my all time favorite artist and Ptareon was wondering if there is a way to purchase access to the art you do not cerberus quest adult game patreon code here Hentai united but without joining that stupid site. It's expensive and I really only like your art, not the other stuff that's on there: Nicobay on February 26,8: Nicobay on February 27,cerberus quest adult game patreon code Yeah, we could figure something out. But the main problem for now that all my commissions are on hiatus for the moment.

Nicobay on February 27, Oblicuo on February 26,9: Do you draw request? Can you draw from this author?

quest game code adult cerberus patreon

Hisares on March 5,9: I think cerberus quest adult game patreon code wants you to draw something from this Athors art, or that you should draw something thats from the Texts. But I dont know if by "Request" he means cerberuus MarcusEclipse on February 15,3: Do you take commissions? I'm glad to hear that.

But unfortunately I am not taking any commissions at the moment. Was just on your cerberus quest adult game patreon code stream page, what art program do you use? PsychoDude on January 26,2: Kioku on January 23,2: And there is also akabur. And with any questions please contact me via email. Two things I must say or I might explode: Virgin adult game without signup Oh yeah, one more thing Thank you for cerberys fav: I tried clicking on the "Click for Support" thing and it gave me a error.

The other one cerberys below works fine, though. I will fix it now. Thank you for clicking on it though.


Keep up being awesome. Thank you for your feedback, man. I will try not to HentaiOverlord on December 9,2: Any chance you could look into getting a free member version going for HU? I've been studying up on programming and scrounging up some cash for RPG Maker, was wondering if I could make it into a game. I'd also ask about this new game, but let's see how this one cerberus quest adult game patreon code Of course I do have BHB files.

Looking back now I am aktually amazed to see how much stuff was produced by me for that project. An entire universe was build in a matters adult sex games for him weeks.

Although been in a hurry all the time the quality started to plummet One of the reason I personally became very unsatisfied with the project HU contains artworks of many other guys not just me, so what are you talking about is not in my power.

Climax on November 23,6: When you have time, read my profile Something on there might interest you and your art. Just read the info in your profile It all sounds a bit foggy my friend. Do you have any websites to show? How the payment system would work? Sure, my website is an example shown on my profile. But farther detail can be given via email. I will consider that.

Right now I am preoccupied xvideos dorm room sex games something else. But I might contact you in the future.

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Tyrannex on November 20,5: Underground Facility 51 in Area The Coode classified underground facility in the world. You can't hide the truth from me!

adult code game quest cerberus patreon

Tyrannex on December 1, What do you expect from someone who see the future? PhoenixMastM on November 8,2: If only I wasn't broke and unemployed I'd hit up your Hentai Adilt gallery.

Sucks to be me. I will wait till you get rich.

game code quest patreon adult cerberus

Take your time. AppleLilz on November 8,3: Kioku on November 6, cerberus quest adult game patreon code, 8: Warriorking4ever on November 6, Hi Rubaka, are you still open for commissions? Misakine on November 6, Hey, I sent you a e-mail with commission questions in it, just seeing if you got cerberus quest adult game patreon code and hoping for a reply!

I got your email and replied to it. I greatly love all the April stuff! Can we get more of that? TMNT stuff is like my specialty by now A very sexy specialty!

Swegabe on November 6,1: I did not actually, but sounds interesting Let me get back to you on that. Do you mean to put it in a game or like a fan-art? Swegabe on November 6,4: I mean to put it in the game, along with the other artists who've agreed to help out on the project. Now if only I had the time: Swegabe on November 11,7: Then lets hope you'll be able to find some of it.

My turn to get slimegirl sex games art from Rubaka! Send me a message on akaburfake2 yahoo.

game adult patreon quest code cerberus

Just doing my part. AppleLilz on November 2,7: You don't like futa? I'm sorry I made you draw that last time. I didn't know you disliked it: Well, actually, I did not mind drawing your patreob as a futa for some reason.

I guess original characters being futas don't bother me that much. Quwst example Princess Cide being a futa I don't like because it contradicts with original mythology established by Disney If it makes any sense at all Plus back then Futa was somewhat exotic to me, now I see futas everywhere, and i good android sex games that's one of the reasons I avoid drawing them now Mach-Anima on November 1,7: Back when I was young and stupid Good times, but long gone AglowGolem on October cergerus,4: Hey akabur-san, where you able to read my mail?

Hope you're doing fine. My mailbox is acting cerberus quest adult game patreon code lately. Would you be so kind to resend it? AglowGolem on October 23,8: AppleLilz on October 20,5: AppleLilz on October 21,5: Well if anything you seem to be full of energy: AppleLilz on Card battle sex games online 22,1: I would not mind some of that as well I think AppleLilz on October 23,2: It's just a stimulant for ADD, and an anti depressant for anxiety.

Not sure exactly what medication I need Maybe I just need some morphine Dunno, it there a medication that will allow me to not waste time on sleeping every night? Dinker coe October 11,4: We miss you guy! Gonna upload 7 page long MassEffect2 cerberus quest adult game patreon code soon.

adult cerberus game patreon code quest

Dinker on October 12,9: That's why we love you. Slurpee on September 11,7: Hey, just wondering how come you haven't posted any art lately?? Big Fan by the way.

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I am working on a commission right now. You can check my website for sketches Just replied to your email: Cerbefus there did you cerberus quest adult game patreon code my email about my commission ideas? I am so sorry for delay. I will reply to you tomorrow morning.

Hi there am i on the list to get a picture commission please. I did not know you wanted to commission something.

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I sent an email with my ideas. MrBoobLover on August 18,9: Sent you an email.

game patreon quest code cerberus adult

Just replied to your email. Not sure if your a fan of that newer cerberus quest adult game patreon code series, so this may have slipped under your radar, http: That cartoon was awesome! I did not like how they make original turtles fucking retarded, but they kept original 80's style of drawing for them plus seeing April again was surreal! Yeah I was happy with the art style, and April looked great in her cameo. AppleLilz on July 31,4: AppleLilz on July 31,5: I unhooked it once so I can move my computer out of the way to paint my room.

Then when I hooked it back up, the serial port for the monitor still worked. But the USB responsible for pen functions quesy to be fucked.

I'd replace it, but I have an old Cintiq. And apparently, the USB cable model isn't in production anymore. So I need to save up for gwme new one. Well it adult interactive pc sex games, but if you say it was old then maybe it was time to get a new one Good luck with that.

Like Reply Who knows Like Reply Hmm Like Reply amaterasu69 Like Reply badWolf Im stuck in the loading screen Like Reply qwerty Like Cerberus quest adult game patreon code morgan I've tried several times.

Description:Nov 7, - Although this is a toolkit game, designed to allow you to run .. The Hero wants to complete her Quest and make it back home, but if the Fates .. A strange journal holds the key to the truth, but its contents are cloaked in impenetrable code. Naughty & Dice - An Adult Gamer's Guide to Sexual Situations.

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